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Mister President… You have a goddamn dickfor on your head!

So, I was thinking… (Get out! Really? You don’t say.)

Does anybody else remember dittos? Those stinky papers with purple ink that everybody used to have to do in school in the 70s, before xeroxes came along. Yeah, they were awful, and everybody dreaded them, but then mostly we dreaded school altogether. Well, I did, at least. “Here’s your homework assignment – 600 math problems.” What?! Yep. That was an actual thing. 600 math problems… I didn’t even bother to take the book home, I knew there was no way in hell I was gonna spend hours at home doing fuckin math, for fuck sake. Education shouldn’t be some awful punishment you’re forced to endure against your will. It shouldn’t be something to dread. And going to work shouldn’t be something to dread either, it shouldn’t be made to feel like abject drudgery. Schools shouldn’t be built to look like prisons, either. But on the flipside of the coin, kids shouldn’t have free reign to just run the halls like wild chimpanzees. There has to be some form of loose structure, or they won’t learn anything. And kids shouldn’t have everything handed to them on a platter, because they don’t learn the value of working for something that way. These kids today don’t have a clue, with their iPhones and Monster energy drinks. And you can’t even smack your kids on the ass anymore when they deserve it, because that’s now considered to be child abuse. Shit, my dad used to whoop my bare ass with his belt or give me a fat lip, and that wasn’t considered abuse. Putting a kid’s hand into boiling water is abuse. Locking a kid in a cage is abuse. Belittling a kid, telling them they’re worthless, making them scared to death of you, that’s abuse. A well timed smack on the ass is not.
But assigning a child more homework than they can do in a half hour is abuse too.
Not to mention it’s just plain mean.

Most children nowadays are mollycoddled and catered to by their parents, so they learn to be little narcissists who throw tantrums anytime their whims aren’t fulfilled. Then they get sent off to the regimented institutional brainwashing system every weekday for twelve years to learn… What, exactly?

What do they teach the kids in school nowadays? They don’t teach them how to spell, or how to use grammar and punctuation. They don’t teach them how to proofread. And it’s pretty clear they haven’t cared about those things in years. Even teachers don’t know the difference between your and you’re anymore. Nuckin futs.

Seems to me all they are interested in teaching kids is to consume, to conform, to follow the herd, and to obey without question. They intend to turn humanity into a society of robots, rather than individuals, with no critical thinking skills, and no regard for the consequences of their actions. The inevitable consequence of gratuitous consumption without regard for conservation or preservation is mass death by abject poverty and starvation. But the greedy rich bastards don’t care. Maybe they figure they’ll be the last ones to starve to death, after all the edible plants and animals have gone extinct, and all the poor have been turned into Soylent Green… Or maybe they figure it’s not going to happen in their lifetimes, so they don’t give a fuck. I don’t know, man. I just don’t fuckin know. I can sit here baffled, shaking my head, or I can try to find a solution.
What I can’t do is read minds. I can’t figure out why the rich think like they do.

Is their DNA defective? Maybe. Their thinking is certainly flawed. And society pays the price. The rich hardly ever have to face the consequences of their actions. When they do go to jail, they go to Club Fed, with tennis courts and heated swimming pools, because apparently they’re too good for county jails where they might receive an educational ass-whooping, or state prisons where they might get anally raped. And they only get busted when they swindle other rich motherfuckers, they don’t get punished for exploiting our planet, or exploiting the poor, or exploiting other species. They don’t get punished for genocide or slavery, they don’t get punished for the important stuff. They don’t learn, and they pass on this stupidity to their progeny.

Society is upside down, inside out, and ass backwards. It’s the polar opposite of what it ought to be. Greed, exploitation, victimization, oppression… These should all be punished, and punishment should include education, they should be made to understand the reason why their actions were wrong. But it rarely, if ever, turns out that way. Not only are these behaviors not punished, they’re rewarded. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Corruption is king, the more corrupt an individual or organization is, the more power they get. People’s values are skewed. There’s this flawed line of thinking that “He who dies with the most toys wins.”
(I believe the truth is more like he who dies rich will be reincarnated as a cockroach.) The ones who are in charge of things are the dirtiest motherfuckers. Give a man power over others and watch his attitude and demeanor change. Watch him develop delusions of godhood. Narcissism is rewarded with money and power, when by all rights it should be punished with a good ass kicking.

Colonialism should never have happened, but it did. Therefore, the ones who profited from it should’ve been made to return the lands and resources and any profits they made from them to the rightful Indigenous populations. Kings and conquistadors should have been beheaded, and their heirs should’ve been made to make reparations. But it didn’t turn out that way. This is pervasive and ongoing. The ones in power are not made to pay for their crimes, because they are the ones in power. Revolution would fix this, at least in the short term. Overthrow the corrupt fascist oligarchy, imprison the ones who currently occupy the seats of power, take all their material wealth and divide it equally among the poorest of us, take the majority of assets from the rest of the 1% and divide it equally among everyone, but leave them enough to subsist on, and don’t waste resources on imprisoning them, they aren’t the criminals, they just benefit from the criminal activity. Then replace the entire societal structure with True Democracy, wherein there are no leaders, no “representatives,” but rather everyone is equal, and every important decision is decided by a popular vote, with a two thirds majority needed to ratify any policy.
A daunting task to say the least.

Hot Raktajino. K’plagh.

Taking a break from my otherwise exciting Sunday of doing not a fuckin thing. Fed dogs. Fed cats. Fed my own face. Went to the gas station. Smoked a bowl. Sitting in my rolly-chair, watching Voyager on Netflix, I noticed that Jeri Ryan looks good in a 50s style hairdo, even with her Borg implants. …So why don’t we have replicators yet? I could pound down a nice hot Raktajino. Also, when you run out of pot, you could just replicate some more, how about a quarter pound of Durban Poison? I wonder if replicated pot tastes any different than naturally grown? And is the buzz any better? Or worse? Or the same?

Notice that you never see anybody on Star Trek smoking. Anything. No cowboy-killers in space. Now I know that all these races have something indigenous to their homeworlds that they smoke. It only stands to reason. So why don’t we ever see it? We see the Grand Nagus snorting beetle snuff. Why don’t we see Dukat snorting some Cardassian flake? Why don’t we see any junkies, or even drunks? The Enterprise D has Ten Forward, but you never see Ensign Noname shaking for a drink. DS9 has Quark’s, but where are all the drunks? You know, the ones who wait outside for the bar to open in the morning, every bar has some. But the only regular you see at Quarks is Morn. And you never see him falling-down drunk. Occasionally you might see a drunk Klingon, but nobody that stays drunk all the time. What, is life so fuckin peachy in space that people don’t even bother to get fucked up? Whatever happened to art imitating life?

In real life there are plenty of motherfuckers that get fucked up and stay fucked up every day. Workday’s done, go to bar. Wife nagging, go to bar. Kids screaming, go to bar. Let the door bang behind you and shut out the rest of the rat race. Get polluted, shoot some pool, yell at the television, sing along with the jukebox, get in fights, fall down, wreck some vehicles, go to jail, you know, regular shit that regular people do. Trust me, I did it for 25 years or so. If you ever get busted for a DUI and get sent to highway safety classes, you’ll see a whole roomful of other drunks, (though a lot of them wouldn’t cop to it) and there are a hundred or so classes like that in every county in every state, so you know there are a lot of drunks. …But not on Star Trek.

I’ve been smoking pot ever since I was a kid, round about 5th or 6th grade, all my life, and I’m 51 years old. Millions of Americans smoke pot on a daily basis, and millions more smoke tobacco. …But not on Star Trek.  Hmmm….

Ok. There’s something to ponder. Back to Jeri Ryan in a spandex bodysuit, er, I mean Voyager.

Welcome To My World…


"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"— Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

I have opinions.  I have lots of opinions.  Opinions about, well, just about everything.  Not that I think everyone should give a flying fuck about my opinions, but…  I need to have someplace to express them, some outlet for my atomic train of nonstop thought that careens continuously thru my mind.  I needed a new blog, a place to vent, a place to piss some people off, and maybe get some kind of feedback.  Agree or disagree, it’s ok with me, not everybody is going to agree on all subjects, it’s fucking impossible, ain’t it?  So, I thought I might give wordpress a try.  Maybe it will be good.  Maybe it won’t.  That, as the elephant said after he shit in the road, is left to be seen.

Where to begin?  Mmm, well, I smoke lots of tobacco.  I know it isn’t good for me, but I enjoy it.  It doesn’t get me into trouble the way drinking large amounts of whiskey used to.  (Or large amounts of other intoxicants, halucinogens, ethenogens, etc)  So I accept it as a vice, like porn, basically harmless in comparison to other vices which have fucked me up in the past.  I could never seem to do things in moderation, mostly anyway.  Call it what you will, it is what it is.  I drink lots of coffee too.  I drink it for the effect.  It isn’t nearly as potent as speed, but it isn’t nearly as addictive either.  I’m not necessarily proud of my past, per se, but I’m not ashamed of it either.  I want to be as honest, up-front, in your face…  I need to be me!

Right.  Time to piss some people off.   It’s an election year.  Out with the old bum, in with another bum, and hopefully the new bum isn’t as bad as the old bum.  {There’s a Who lyric in there somewhere: ” Meet the new boss… Same as the old boss…”}  I read a lot too.  It’s something that I enjoy immensely.  I can’t help comparing the current state of the world to Aldous Huxley’s classic Brave New World.  Brave New World was a better book, in my opinion, than Orwell’s 1984.  Usually, when I use the word “world” I am referring to socioty rather than to Mother Earth.  And socioty today is just plain fucked up.  The bankers run everything, the elitist clique, the illuminatti, the Bilderbergs, whatever you choose to call them, they, them, the enemy of humanity.  They make the rules that they themselves don’t live by.  To them we are all just insignifigant peons, slaves, pawns in their game.  Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Whig, Communist, Liberal, Conservative, it doesn’t matter which one gets “elected” because it’s still the same game.  Do you really believe that your vote counts?  The general elections are like professional wrestling — the outcome is already predecided before the polls open!  The “winner” is whoever they have handpicked to fill the role.  Kennedy wouldn’t play along in their charade, so they killed him.  Do you honestly believe that many people voted for Barack Obama?  Do you honestly believe that many people actually voted for George W Bush?  Twice?!  Bill Clinton?  Twice?!  Honestly?!    Don’t get me wrong, I liked Bill Clinton.  I liked Ronald Reagan.  I hated Jimmy Carter.  I didn’t trust Daddy Bush, and trust is something you should be able to have in a head of state, isn’t it?  If it comes down to liking someone, respecting them for their integrity, I like Ron Paul.  Do I think he’ll be the next president?  Probably not.  Who knows?  I think the next president will be whoever the motherfuckers that run things put in office.  I also think most of congress should be publicly hanged.   Maybe that’s a little strong?  Maybe just placed in stocks, so that we can all throw garbage at them, spit on them, throw turds at them…  (?)  Do you know why the economy is in the shitter?  Because they put it there.  It’s all part of their master plan to enslave humanity.  You think I’m joking?  Ha ha, not too funny, is it.  George Bernard Shaw said, among other things, “If you are going to tell people the truth, you had better make them laugh, or else they will kill you.”  —Well, here, then, have yourself a laugh, on me:  What do you call a horse with no legs?  Doesn’t matter, he won’t come anyway.  What do you call a cow with no legs?  Ground beef.  What do you call an Indian with no legs?  A Veteran.  What do you call a stuffed-suit with no brains?  A politician. (or a yuppy, a CEO, a banker, a lawyer… take your pick)  You won’t catch me in a suit, unless somebody died, I guess.  There has to be exceptions, otherwise, there ain’t no point to nothing, and that’s really the point, ain’t it?  What’s the fucking point?  I have an IQ of around 148, or so I’ve been told, and I work construction for a living.  Why?  Because I don’t wanna be a fuckin’ yuppy!  Ever!

I had my diploma in my hand before my high school class graduated in 1983.  I scored the second highest out of 3800 individuals who took the test in 1982. (Yes, I’m bragging now!)  Did I go on to college?  I took a couple classes, went to a trade school and promptly got kicked out for drinking on school grounds, worked here & there, sold things that they consider to be “illegal”, but mostly I slacked.  I drank.  I smoked pot.  I drank.  I tripped.  I drank.  I listened to loud heavy music.  …And I read.  I read whatever I could get my hands on, as long as it held my interest.  I read things that tend to make a lot of college boys scratch their heads and go, “Huh?” “What the fuck?”  And I understood what I read.  I’m talking things like theoretical physics, etc.  Did I mention that I drank?  Did I mention large quantities of halucinogens?  Ah, there it is, I made you smile, didn’t I?  Good.  I’ll put my own twist on the great Mr Shaw’s thought: If you are planning on pissing people off, and you know you’re going to piss them off, and you’re going to do it anyway, then you might as well try to get them to laugh at the same time, even though they just might kill you anyway.  Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck.  Ow.  My brain hurts now.  (Yeah, yeah, I know, the brain doesn’t feel pain, uh huh, thanx Doc.)  My eyes are tired from staring raptly into the brightness of the flat screen monitor, and that’s all I have to rant about for the moment.